HELLO! Who We Are

We're a technical service provider in lighting design & consultation

and specialist in LED lighting.

SNFOR is a diversified and well-backed service provider in lighting design & consultation and specialist in LED lighting. We're a Malaysian owned company, which specialise in LED based application by providing lighting design solutions and consultation for interior and exterior lighting premises.

At SNFOR, we strive to satisfy the needs of our varied clientele. The width of our scope of services is coupled with the flexibility and personal that you would expect to find in a boutique enterprise. This is backed by tangible evidence of our presence. Stunning and well-designed conceptual lighting scheme and enhancing the safety for roads, architectural, commercial, hospitality that stands out.

The foundation of our achievements can be attributed directly to a conservative but responsive approach to business, project development and our dedication to excellence.

We truly believe in the transformative power of lighting design and the importance of good lighting for vision, their ability to promote safety, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere.